Business Email Etiquette Lesson 1

Business Email Etiquette

Lesson 1

There are so many so-called RULES about business email etiquette and in my opinion, and more importantly experience, most of them are retarded.  Even saying the word “retarded” would offend people and would be a definite no no for many “experts”.  It’s true that it will offend some people, but it will also create a bond with other people who don’t mind that word and actually find it kind of refreshing.  I’m a business person too and if you used that word, or any word, in an email to me I wouldn’t be offended.  All I care about is if the content of your email is useful to me and it makes sense.  In fact, I’d prefer you to email me in a funny way that makes sense.  I want to see that you have some guts and are a real person with something to say too.  Is everyone like me?  Not at all.  But many people are and you need to be aware of who you are dealing with.  If you don’t know, take a guess.  It makes a difference as to where they are from, how old you think they are, male or female.  Usually you can find this kind of info on a website.  If you are emailing to a big corporation, you probably know the type of person.  Lesson 1 is to just use your common sense.  If you think a joke is fitting, send it.  If you think it would be offensive, don’t send it.

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