Business Email Etiquette Lesson 3

Business Email Etiquette Lesson 3

Think of what the other person would like to read.  Help someone else out.  If you are inquiring about paying money, that is for them because you are planning to give them money.  If you want to sell them something, help them with something first.  Do it quickly, no one wants to read a stupid novel.  They don’t have time and it’s disrespectful to think someone cares to read that much info.  Don’t sell to anyone unless you have already been exchanging emails.  If you’ve already exchanged a few emails you could write something like this.

Hey Steve,

I just checked out your homepage and noticed that it doesn’t work on my new firefox browser.  I guess anyone else using this browser is in the same boat.  I just thought I’d give you a heads up in case you didn‘t know.

I have an idea that I think would help your sales.  I tried to email you about it but I ended up deleting it because it was too long.  It would be a lot easier to talk on skype or the phone.  Let me know if you have any time and give me your skype or phone number and a good time to call.  I’m out of town next week but anytime this week or after I get back is good for me.



That email is giving help.  People are much more likely to reciprocate if you help them first.  It also isn’t needy.  Old school sales says, “Is Tuesday or Wednesday a good time to call”?  It kind of forces the other person into thinking they have only those two choices.  People aren’t that stupid and it doesn’t work that way.  It looks pushy and needy.  It isn’t very effective and it’s bad email etiquette.  I think it’s rude in any situation.  A casual business email that is to the point is professional and effective.  Most people aren’t that caught up with overly polite etiquette.  It looks weird and distant.  People would rather do business with friends than strangers.  Try to write in more of a friendly style than some weird corporate style.  Even if you are writing to a corporation, the people working there are still people.  You do want to use your common sense here however.  It is possible to be too unprofessional too.  Try to be moderate.  The first email should always be a tad conservative and then it should gradually become friendlier.

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