How to write a business Email part 2

How to write a business Email (part 2)

Part 1 was all about getting your first email opened.

Now we’re going to talk about what kind of things you should say in that first business email.

1.  Keep it brief

Business people are busy and they don’t have time to read long emails.  If they can see it’s long, many people won’t read it.  Think about what you want to say and ask and keep it short and to the point.  Here is an example of an effective business email body text:


I’d like to know your monthly advertising rates for a standard size banner ad on I’d like to pay immediately through paypal to your account.

Look forward to hearing from you.


This email is very short and direct.  It also expresses that you want to give the company money.  Companies love when you give them money.  If they believe you are willing to pay them, they are usually more than happy to reply quickly.  If you aren’t going to pay them for something, make the question in such a way that it is worth THEIR time to answer it.  Think totally in terms of what they want and not what you want in this first email.  You will have a much higher success rate.  Also, make sure that the subject and the content are related.  If your content is unrelated to the subject, they will feel cheated and won’t want to answer your question.  Trust me.  I’ve tried everything.

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