How to write a business email part 3

How to write a business email (part 3)

This section talks about the politeness level involved in writing the initial effective business email.  This depends on who you are writing to and for what.  I personally find that you don’t want to be overly polite.  Something like “Dear sir” is ridiculous in my opinion.  People reading these emails don’t need to be treated that way and it looks like junk mail.  I even think “Hello” is a bit too formal.  Hi is ok I think.  It’s not offensive and it seems friendly.  “Thanks” is also ok.  You don’t need to write “sincerely” or anything like that.  So I guess the main objective here is to make it polite but look like its from a person of equal status to another of equal status.  You aren’t best friends yet, but you want to make yourself look like you are a real person and don’t give it an overly corporate feel.  If the question or context of the email looks professional, you will look like a modern, educated, successful business person.  It is so much better than looking like a template from the 1950’s.  I think almost everyone hates reading that style.

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