How to write a business email part 4

How to write a business email (part 4)

By now we hopefully have a successful initial business email.

1.  You have written a good subject

2.  You have asked a good question that will make them want to answer it

3.  You are polite and professional while still seeming like a normal human being.

Now you need to wait for them to respond.  Not everyone will respond.  Give them a few days and do a follow up email or email someone else in the company.  Don’t feel bad if someone doesn’t respond.  These tips just make it so your chances of success are that much better.

Once they have responded you want to send another email.  This time you want to build a deeper connection.  They will be much more likely to respond to your second email if they have already responded to the first.  Here is a good one.

Hey Jim,

Thanks for the reply.  I’m going to take you up on that advertising offer.  I’ll pay you via paypal later today.

I’ve got a couple of other ideas that are too long to write efficiently in an email.  Would you mind giving me your phone number or skype and a good time to call?



Now your business email is getting less formal than even the first one.  Hopefully you can get the person’s phone number or skype.  It is still better to talk on the phone because it is a friendlier feel.  If they don’t want to give it to you, it’s no big deal.  Many people will though.

Saying something like “Cheers” is quite friendly.  I think it shows that you respect the person like a friend and aren’t just treating them like some office drone.  I really find it is much better to treat people like that.  Try to let your personality shine through in an email and do everything you can to make sure you seem like a real person.  Even saying something like,

Have a good weekend.  I just checked and the weather is going to be awesome.

Saying something like that shows that you are paying attention and talking a bit the way real friends would.  It seems like it’s not a big deal, but it makes a slightly more intimate relationship with that person.  People would always rather do business with a friend than a total stranger.  It’s just human psychology.

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