Professional Email Writing Tip 4

Think from their perspective.  What would they want in their inbox.  Everyone is basically the same.  We ignore most of our mail and hope that a certain type of mail is waiting for us in our inbox.  If someone you didn’t know wrote you a huge email that took them a lot of time, you probably wouldn’t take the time to read it let alone respond.  The time and energy they took to write it would be irrelevant.  You would just delete it from your inbox and your mind.  The other person would be waiting anxiously for your reply but you would be too busy to even think about that.  That is how everyone treats your emails too.  Just because you want them to respond does not mean they care at all about you or your product.  It is just another email to them.  It’s probably junk.  Why would they think differently?  Most of what they get is junk.  Most of what we all get is junk.  The key is to think carefully about what business they are in.  What kinds of emails would they be likely to read and pay attention to?  What do they want in their inbox?  How can you make yourself stand out from the pack of spammers?  Think carefully about these 3 questions and you will almost certainly come up with something that is better than you would have off the cuff.

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