Leverage is a really interesting and exciting concept in business.

Using leverage makes work a lot easier.  It basically means to use something to your advantage in a good way.  A couple examples will make this easier to understand.

Imagine Michael Jordan wrote a book.  It would sell well because he could leverage his fame.  He is not a famous author but he is a famous person.  He could easily go on TV and tell millions of people about his new book.  Going on TV is another form of leverage.  You can tell everyone who is watching TV about your book instead of going to each of those people’s houses and telling them.  It is a lot easier of course and it is called using leverage.  It is so important to use leverage in your business.  Imagine a normal person wrote a really good book but they had no fame and used no leverage.  It would never sell.  You need to used leverage in marketing to stand a chance in this tough business world.

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