Writing business English emails

Business people are super busy and they have a lot of respect for their time.  They get a lot of emails and probably don’t read most of them.  It’s essential to know how to write a proper business English email that people will read and respond to.

1.  It is important to keep them short and to the point.  People are too busy to read long emails.  Don’t add in a bunch of extra words for no reason.

2.   If you already know the person, write to him or her as if it were your friend.  Don’t make the email seem like it was written by a machine.  Make it a bit personal.  Use a bit of humor.  Work is often boring and it’s much more fun to read something that seems like it is from a friend.  In today’s world, you can often start an business email with something like,

“Hey John, How’s it going?  I just wanted to let you know about….

Talk soon.

P.s.  Hope your kids are doing well.”

That kind of style is much friendlier than something like,

“Dear Mr. Jones,

Our company has a new product we think you would be interested in. bla bla bla



3.   Write mostly about how they will benefit by whatever you are writing about.  Be sincere.  Most people are smart enough to know what is fake and when people are just trying to sell you something.  Think about how you react to those emails.  You probably are like most people and just mark them as corporate junk mail.

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